ReplyASAP App Download – How It Works & Messaging App

ReplyASAP App Download – How It Works & Messaging App
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ReplyASAP App Download  – A Busy dad from London makes a messaging app to stop kids from ignoring their parents phone calls or texts. I think you guy’s thinking i am crazy but this is the good app and i think you heard right on social media. In this post, we will talk about Reply Asap messaging app and how we downloads it, how it work etc below.

Nick Herbert is a software engineer from London and he tried to contact his son but his son ignoring him. Then he built the ReplyASAP messaging app which takes over the recipient’s phone screen and sounds an alarm – and doesn’t stop until it is answered.

ReplyASAP App Download

1.) Visit Google Play Store and Type ReplyASAP

2.) Click on the install button

3.) Then Install and Register With your Number.

4.) That’s It.


 How ReplyASAP Works

If you are frustrated that your calls or text messages are missed or not seen because the person you are calling has their phone on silent all the time, then this is the app for you.

Reply ASAP allows you to connect with others who have the app so you can send them urgent messages that cannot be ignored and you will get a notification that it has been read.

This is ideal for parents with children, since the parent buys the app and then gifts it to the child for free (meaning the child doesn’t have to pay for anything).



The process of building the app – which is currently only available in the UK – has taken eight months and has been complicated and expensive, but Mr Herbert believes it will take off.

The app costs 99p ($1.28) to snoop on one person, £2.49 ($3.21) to track four people, £6.99 ($9) for ten people and £12.99 ($16.73) for platinum, which connects with 20 numbers.

All users will be able to connect to one child for free when they download the app.

Key features:
– if recipient’s phone is on silent the message will still make a noise
– arriving messages make a constant noise until the recipient presses a button
– the arriving message will take over the screen with the message and only two options “Snooze for 3 minutes” or “Cancel” so it cannot be ignored
– once the recipient has pressed either “Cancel” or “Snooze for 3 minutes” button, the sender is sent notification
– option to send messages to arrive at future times (i.e. after school) as a reminder
– no cost to sending messages as it uses data network
– shows a history of all messages sent and received sorted by name
– the sender will see the status of the message they have sent as one of the following:
“Pending” = message has not yet been delivered as the recipients phone has no internet connection
“Delivered” = message has arrived and waiting to sound (if you have future dated it) or is sounding and waiting for the recipient to interact with it
“Snoozed” = the message has arrived and sounded and the recipient has seen it and pressed the “Snooze for 3 minutes” button
“Seen” = the message has arrived and sounded and the recipient has seen it and pressed the “Cancel” button
– works from Android to iOS and vice-versa (though some features on iOS are reduced due to iOS restrictions unfortunately)