How to Print Text Messages from Samsung Smartphone

How to Print Text Messages from Samsung Smartphone
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Samsung smartphones are always outstanding for sending and receiving text messages for its wide and large screen. And with the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you can even send and receive multimedia files such as images, audio, videos, etc. Even after the advancement of technology, text messages are still considered the best ways to exchange information between families, friends and colleagues.

If you use your smartphone to exchange messages on a daily life basis then it got to have chunk of messages stored on your inboxes. Many of them could be useless but some of them might be very important and confidential too such as medical reports, bank statements or precious loving messages from your loved ones. It is always a great idea to have hard copy of them that you can keep it with you and delete them from your smartphone to prevent them from strangers and make some more room on your smartphone to receive more messages.

The best way to deal with these situations is to print out text messages from Samsung Galaxy phone. Now, you might be thinking how is this even possible to print out text messages from a smartphone, right? Well, it is plausible and with the tips that we are about to share in this post will certainly make it possible. Not only you can print out your messages from your smartphone and keep them in your safe lockers but also you can use this trick to print out text messages that can be used to provide evidence on consumer court for legal activities.

It is all up to you, how you want to use these printed text messages but out main motto is to teach you guys how to print text messages from Samsung smartphones. Now, it is not possible to directly print out the messages from your smartphone because you won’t be able to connect your printer to your smartphone. But, you can back up all the messages from your smartphone in a printable format and save it to your PC, then, print them out from your computer which is the basic idea of this guide.

Introducing Android Manager

Let us introduce you to wonderful software that is highly used to manage Samsung and other smartphones from your computer called Android Manager. It is a very powerful tool that you can used to access and manage everything on your Samsung smartphone from your computer. It has myriad of features including importing and exporting contacts, save multimedia files from your smartphone to PC and vice versa, backup and restore data in a single location, play Android apps and games on your PC, root your smartphone with a single click and much more.

One of the best features provided is the ability to turn your smartphone into a desktop SMS assistant. You will be able to receive and send messages using this program, read and modify SMS and back up your entire SMS collection to PC. The file formats are supported in every Windows or Mac computer and you can open them from your PC to read like normal documents.

Step 1: How to Export SMS from Samsung Galaxy Phone to PC

After installing MobileGo on your computer, simply launch it and look at the sidebar of the program and click on “SMS” to open all the messages from your Samsung smartphone to PC.

How to Export SMS from Samsung Galaxy Phone to PC

Then simply click on “Save as” and choose the file format in which you want to save all your SMS collection. Right now, your messages can be saved as “XML” or “TXT” file format that can be opened with the default programs provided on your PC. After selecting the file format, click on “Save” and the messages will be transferred to your PC in your chosen directory.

How to Print Text Messages from Samsung Smartphone

Step 2: How to Print Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Go to the path where you saved all the messages and open the file. Now, click on “File” and click on “Print” or you can simply press “CTRL + P” from you keyboard and it should print out all the messages.

How to Print Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Tip: Please connect your printer to your PC and install all the necessary drivers before printing the messages.


This program is highly trusted software featured by many famous blogs and software companies. It has over four million downloads and over thousands of satisfied customers. It is free to try so you can go ahead and install it on your PC and see its full benefits. If you want to explore more features provided this program then you should go ahead and visit the official website to obtain more information.