Jio Monsoon Offer – New 309, 349, 399 & 509 Plans


Jio Monsoon Offer – Reliance Jio shocked again every telecom company in India and launched Jio Monsoon offer for Jio 100 million users in India. Now Jio become the world largest data network company in the world. Jio was launched in 5th September 2016 with Jio Welcome Offer in which they offered free 4G services along with unlimited calling for three months.

I think you know the Jio Summer Surprise offer is coming to an end, Reliance Jio introduced two plans Rs. 349 and Rs. 399 plans for their user and revised some Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan plans bringing new validity options.

However, the most popular Rs 309 and Rs 509 plans have been modified to offer lesser data for the lesser number of days.  The offers still come under the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan and still range from Rs 19 to Rs 9,999. The company has not specified an expiry date for the offers yet.


Jio Monsoon Offer

19200MB 1 Day
49600MB 3 Days
967GB 7 Days
1492GB 28 Days
3091 GB Daily28 Days (84 Days on 1st Recharge)
5092GB Daily 28 Days (84 Days on 1st Recharge)
99960GB60 Days
1999125GB90 Days
4999350GB180 Days
9999750GB360 Days

Rs 349 data pack

This newly introduced pack will be valid for 56 days and will come with a 10+10GB limit spread across 28 days each. There will no daily limit on the pack but only 10 GB will be available for 28 days.

Rs 399 data pack

This pack will replace the Rs 309 pack with a validity of 84 days and a 1GB per day data limit.


Here are the revised offers from Reliance Jio under Dhan Dhana Dhan:

New Jio 4G Plans

Rs 19 Plans
The data pack offers one-day validity along with 200MB of data along with unlimited voice calling and text messages.
Rs 49 Plans
The plans come with a validity of 3 days and data limit of 600MB with unlimited voice calls and text messages.

Rs 96 Plans
The plan comes with a validity of 7 days and a limit of 7GB data( 1GB per Day) The speed will drop to 128Mbps after the data threshold is met.

Rs 149 Plans
This pack comes with 28 days validity, and just 2GB 4G data. Users will only get 100 SMSs with this data pack. However, there is no daily limit on the 2GB data offered by the pack.

Rs 309 Plans
The user will get unlimited data but only 56GB of which will be available at 4G speeds and there is a 1GB/day limit as well. The offer comes with a validity of 56 days instead of 84days under the previous offer.

Rs 509 Plans
Similar to the Rs 309 pack this plan will be unlimited but the consumer will get 112GB of data at 4G speeds and an upper limit of 2GB per day. The validity will extend to 56 days.

Rs 999 Plans
Under this plans, you will get 90GB instead of 60GB data at 4G speeds for a validity period of 90 days.

Rs 1,999 Plans
Offers 155GB instead of 125GB data at 4G speeds for a period of 120 days.

Rs 4,999 Plans
Under this plans, you will get 380GB data at 4G speeds for a period of 210 days instead of 180 days

Rs 9,999 Plans
Under this plans, you will get 780GB data at 4G speeds for a period of 390 days instead of 360 days.


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