5 Best Goo.gl Alternative URL Shorteners

5 Best Goo.gl Alternative URL Shorteners
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Recently Google has announced to shut down its Goo.gl URL shortener service. Here in this post, I will tell you some best Goo.gl alternative URL shorteners for you. The Goo.gl is stopping new account creation from 1st of April 2018, while the existing user can use this service for 1 year till March 31st, 2019.

So, here you will get information about some other URL Shorteners services. We all know the importance of URL Shorteners on a popular website like Twitter, where character length matters. Now, let’s have a look at the 5 best Goo.gl alternative URL shorteners at here.

5 Best Goo.gl Alternative URL Shorteners


1.) BIT.LY URL Shorteners

I am personally using Bit.ly for my social media account and this is the best URL shortener website also the best goo.gl alternative. Bit.ly showing more deeply data for the user and it is very easy to use & you can easily create an account on it. You can also check top performing link and get click data in the better way.

This service was launched back in 2009 and got much popularity on Twitter. If you do not want to create the account, you can still short the links but having an account gives you analytics data and features like custom short URLs.



Tiny.cc is also a free URL shortener service very similar to Goo.gl. Additionally, it permits users to customize the brief URL and permit the log for assessing stats. It permits you to create a free account for handling your links and assess click metrics.


3.) Tiny URL 

TinyURL isn’t a crap URL briefer service and that is it. It permits you to create brief URL of a lengthy URL. It doesn’t ask you to make accounts, thus there’s not any choice to inspect the analytics. The fantastic thing is you’ve got option pick the alias. Thus, you may customize the brief URL if you would like.

4.) Bit.do

The Bit.do is also a similar sort of URL shortener support for producing short connections of a hyperlink URL. It is also possible to customize the brief connection if you would like. When it generates the brief URL, you receive two URLs. One is the brief URL along with other one is your URL to get the traffic stats of the brief URL.

5.) IS.GD

The is.gd is also a simple URL shortener serve for creating short URLs. It allows you to create custom Short URLs. Have a look at options link just below the text box.